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the meters on sundays and late nights. >> mr. crowley. >> in district seven i think it's necessary to dismiss this idea all together and let's not forget the holidays and they hit them as well. a one size approach doesn't fit this and i suggest the parking lots at the ball field and we do dynamic pricing and that is one solution that is dense and know they're going to pay for parking and looking for solutions to fit their car in for free. only in areas where there is the retail wrap that should happen but in district seven it's a disincentive for the merchants. >> we are good at shooting the goose and in the foot and muni says we have a deficit let's gouge the drivers. are you going to drive anywhere? no. you're going somewhere else and where is that revenue that we need? and by the way give free passes to youth and expand it from there, so we gill the gooses and shoot the drivers in the foot by digging a deeper hole for yourself and why don't we increase revenue and ticket the people that are riding muni and not paying? enforce that. >> thank you. mr. garcia. >> it sounds like i watch
nights. >> mr. crowley. >> in district seven i think it's necessary to dismiss this idea all together and let's not forget the holidays and they hit them as well. a one size approach doesn't fit this and i suggest the parking lots at the ball field and we do dynamic pricing and that is one solution that is dense and know they're going to pay for parking and looking for solutions to fit their car in for free. only in areas where there is the retail wrap that should happen but in district seven it's a disincentive for the merchants. >> we are good at shooting the goose and in the foot and muni says we have a deficit let's gouge the drivers. are you going to drive anywhere? no. you're going somewhere else and where is that revenue that we need? and by the way give free passes to youth and expand it from there, so we gill the gooses and shoot the drivers in the foot by digging a deeper hole for yourself and why don't we increase revenue and ticket the people that are riding muni and not paying? enforce that. >> thank you. mr. garcia. >> it sounds like i watch a lot of tv. there is
's leaders can make a deal here? monica crowley and ron christie join us here and just moments for that and much more. it's nice moneyline, stocks have been steadily falling since president obama won reelection. today, no different. just a matter of degree. the dow jones industrial down 29 points. the s&p lost. the nasdaq down 10 points. the dow has fallen 10% since election day. it has entered correction territory, down 10% or more. the weekly jobless claims surging by 78,000. that being attributed to the superstorm sandy and in corporate news, texas instruments gaining a fraction and announcing it will lay off about 1700 of its employees. about 5% of its workforce. overseas, officially knowledge acknowledging that they are back into recession. the economy shrinking. a 10 year on note shrinking. the housing market is improving, but obstacles still block a faster recovery. >> it seems likely this point that the pendulum has swung too far the other way. that overly tightened lending standards may now be preventing creditworthy borrowers from violent homes. thereby, slowing the r
of all, if and when they will ever be able to return home. >> reporter: is that was fox's sharon crowley reporting. with all the devastation across new york and new jersey, it's nice to have a good news story. a sandy volunteer giving back more than he expected. josh turner left his chicago home to help with the recovery effort in new jersey. following a hard day of cleanup, he bought a lottery ticket and he won $100,000, a prize he says he is happy to share with victims. >> a portion of it, we're going to donate to someone or some family that's in need. >> he deserves it. he is a good hearted man. i could not pick anybody better to win it than john. >> the prize, after taxes will come to $75,000. turner plans to give another portion to his church. the rest, he says, elf invest in his business. good for him >>> we are coming back next with the weather. you have a warmup, gwen, more of the same or programs even better. >> absolutely. we have sunshine and rising temperatures to talk about. we'll have the details coming up. stay with us. where others fail, droid powers through. introducing
agree with mr. crowley with the police force and make sure that is fully staffed and i have been speaking to the police athletic league and they have a program to breen the teenagers to be interns in the police force and they would feed into the police cadet program. thank you. >> thank you sir. the next question the city's liabilities are projected to increase in the next coming year. s what new or increased fees should it institute and i will repeat the question and we will begin with mr. crowley. >> i would say that one of the bigger things that we will have before us is the gross receipts tax check that norman talked about trading from the payroll tax which is punitive. the next thing i would do is increase the foot print on mos sony center and that brings in a lot of money to the general fund and erect a multi-purpose area and bring in more money to the coffers and a green industry. one reason to bring them in is people come and go into the city of san francisco and that is a large footprint. they come and go. the visitors spend approximately $1 million of revenue in san
to calm them down. [laughter] >> nuh-uh. >> you mean the debate moderator, candy crowley. >> yeah, right, a lady moderated the debate. jon, it took place at 9:00 p.m. a lady would have been home most likely hand washing the plate she had just hours earlier filled with a nutritious dinner for little michael and candy junior. >> jon: you dont bear to watch the debate. >> yes, we're women. we don't like it when people argue on television. cue. no thanks. >> jon: real housewives is a series. like the most popular series amongst women. all that is is arguing. >> that's different. a, it's not staged like a debate and b, when two women night it's girl on girl. it's natural and beautiful. [laughter] >> when two guys do it it's just gross. it's such a turnoff, god. >> jon: right there. turnoff. you would never hear a pundit saying i would never find the debate a turnoff in dating terms. like turn on and turn off. >> they need to convince the candidates need to be court and women have rational creatures and men use just this organ here. the one i'm pointed too. [laughter] >> jon: for women life is
was how much did you cut them by? how much did you cut them by? >> ow! >> i cannot believe candy crowley let obama wield the fan bladed lurpa but i have to say she looked great with the new hair extensions. now, they talked about a lot of things but everybody knew that mitt had one ace in the hole, libya gate. >> romney and his running mate have been hammering the president over this coverup for weeks. americans are asking, what did the president know? when did the president know it? which one is libya? and last night, last night, mitt had obama in his sights. >> it was a terrorist attack. and it took a long time for that to be told to the american people, whether that was some misleading or instead whether we just didn't know what happened you have to ask yourself why didn't we know. >> the suggestion that anybody on my team, from the secretary of state, u.n. ambassador, anybody on my team would play politics or mislead when we lost four of our own, governor, is offensive. that is not what we do. that's not what i do as president, that is not what i do as commander in chief. >> colbe
all remember, jim, what happened during the debate. >> we do. when candy crowley jumped on the stage talking about the stage. [ laughter ] >>> look. hands off to bret baier that noticed this but was first to print it and this information that makes the president look inconsistent. why did cbs wait almost six weeks, almost two months to make it available to the public. >> practice is in the past. what is not in the air you put the is rest on the web so people can access it. to have this out few days before the election feeds the conspiracy theorists. >> some of them are smart people that its cover-up. >> i think there is difference between making a mistake and the conspiracy. put me down in they made a mistake department. if they were really part of a conspiracy they wouldn't have released this information at all until after the election. i think news organizations are bureaucratic and turf driven organizations. the purpose of the 60 minutes interview was not, focus was not benz, it was the economy and broader record. the reporter involved steve croft is very balanced. when it was dis
condemned them saying israel is committing terrorist attacks. for more, i'm joined by p.j. crowley, former assistant secretary of state for public affairs for president obama. former special assistant for national security affairs to president president clinton and a professor at george washington university. thank you for joining us, professor. >> pleasure, eliot always. >> eliot: it seems so tantalizingly closer. a cease-fire was about to be announced. you've been through the process before. can you infer or suggest or understand what would be a sticking point at this late moment? >> part of this is probably one or both of the parties haven't got man they need out of current crisis. i strongly suspect it is probably on the hamas side where they're looking for assurances that if there is a cease-fire, there will be some relaxation of the israeli blockade and obviously israel is in no position to grant such a wish as long as there are rockets that are continuing to rain down on the israeli population. >> that seems
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infrastructure including muni. >> all right. mr. crowley. >> thank you cheryl. we are blessed. we are land locked but i believe in this case we need to have balance. we have a housing trust before us this november they believe needs to be replacing the redevelopment agency which has indexes for salaries of folks that can benefit from an affordable housing policy. i would also say that most homes and apartments and condo conversions need to be near transportation and retail wraps. we have things up in hunter's point and treasure island coming on point and with that i hope park merced gets built but not without tenant protections and that's what i suggest. >> thank you. i want to remind you we're taking questions from the audience so if we have more questions is a good time to collect those. looks like everybody dealt with the park merced issue so our next question is how would you solve the homelessness problem in san francisco? and we will start with mr. garcia. >> my god, what an easy question. of course we're not going to solve it. the best we can do is try to minimize it and i
. will the president -- what will he do? the "a-team" sorts out what is happening in washington. monica crowley and angela mcglowan, steve murphy, they join us here coming up u: joining us now is the "a-team." fox news analyst angela mcglowan. and monica crowley, and campaign consultant steve murphy. let's talk about first, if we may, this negotiation. speaker boehner. he looks like he's about had. >> yes, he came out of the white house meeting today and use the word werdisappointed, which is very diplomatifor at happened. there is no mystery about barack obama. this is the man we have come to know for the last four years. he has no intention of coromising. no intention of cutting spending. he has never shown any indication of that. he has every intention of raising the rate and will not compromise. lou: steve murphy is shaking his head. why aryou shaking your head? >> because the president thought he had a deal last year with the house of representatives. the president is willing to do this with mostly spending cuts. u: is often about the negotiations for anyone to do that. [talking over each
" with candy crowley begins right now. >>> the most expensive campaign in history yields tuesday to the priceless power of the vote. >>> today four more years or time for a change? november 6th we're going to come together all across the country for a better future. on november 7th we're going to go to work. >> we've come too far to turn back now. it's time to keep pushing forward. >> the last two days of an endless campaign with chicago mayor and former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel. and romney supporter ohio senator rob portman. 33 senate seats, 435 house seats and one presidency. an election extravaganza with former mississippi governor haley barbour and cnn's dana bash. i'm candy crowley. this is "state of the union." >>> they are ships passing in the night and the day. this day mitt romney will be in iowa, ohio, pennsylvania, and virginia, while the president heads to new hampshire, south of florida, back up north to ohio, out west to colorado. monday romney goes to florida, virginia, ohio, and new hampshire. obama counters with wisconsin, ohio, and a closing rally in io
of the panel. david gergen, gloria borger, candy crowley, host of cnn's "state of the union" and moderator of the second presidential debate. you heard what john just laid out. what's your gut tell you? >> my gut tells me that contrary to what we normally see, normally in a final weekend, the electorate starts to break slightly towards the challenger. this weekend, it seems to be breaking for president obama. >> you think that's storm related? >> i think there's a hurricane lift, yes, i do. i thought last week was a very good one for him. he gained a little bit of an edge. that means he's favored, but romney can still pull off this upset. it is so very much within his power. he's got a lot of enthusiasm on the ground. >> i hear from a lot of romney people who say they just don't buy the polls. they think there's enthusiasm and energy out there. >> well, they say that their internal polls are much more accurate than our polls and they say that they're tighter, that states where we might show president obama up by a couple of points, anderson, they show it absolutely a dead heat, such as ohi
, appreciate your time. >>> coming up next, john king and candy crowley, also david gergen and gloria borger. when you listen to senator graham, do you get a sense that we're looking at anything other than gridlock? you can say simpson-bowles all you want. >> you're going to hear a lot of simpson-bowles. you do have a mid -- speaker boehner planted a flag today, he said i want to be conciliatory, i want to listen. harry reid said i'm not going to draw any lines in the stands. the burden is on the president of the united states and even a bit more so than usual, speaker boehner feels burned by the last time they went down the path. he thought he had a deal with the president. and he thinks the president walked away from it. is this a game of chicken? who blinks first? the president gives up higher taxes on the rich. for long term tax reform? republicans give up something in the short term to get more in the long term. that's going to be the kabuki dance, if you will, and the stakes are enormous. >> candy, can you see where the president gives up higher taxes on the wealthy? he did get re-elec
in washington is michael crowley. thank you all. jonathan, to what extent does this resignation complicate the president's foreign policy? because as i understand it, general petraeus was responsible for running a number of the drone attacks that were operating particularly on the pakista pakista pakistan/afghanistan border. >> those are cia operations, they're classified but kind of open secrets at this point, and one of the big changes in washington in the last five years or so is that much of what had traditionally been under the purview of the pentagon moved over to the cia because they had to do things like, you know, violate pakistani air space and that sort of thing. i don't tend to think it will complicate u.s. foreign policy. i don't see it leading to any change in policy. it's just the loss of a good and very bright man. >> yeah. colonel jack, officials say that general petraeus' deputy, michael morell, will serve as interim director of the cia. what do we know about michael morell? >> very well thought of inside the organization and ems where, particularly in congress and at the
crowley with "state of the union." her program begins in just a moment. thanks again for checking with us today. >>> washington looks at old arguments through a post-election prism. and the sudden end of a distinguished career. >> today. can they hear each other now? >> we can't just cut our way to prosperity. >> feeding the growth of government through higher tax rates won't help us solve the problem. >> avoiding the fiscal cliff. the downfall of the cia chief and the remains of superstorm sandy. with new jersey senator bob menendez and new york congressman peter king. then dissecting tuesday's results with california governor jerry brown. plus, cnn's dana bash looks at the grand old party and the new electorate with a foursome of republicans. former presidential candidate jon huntsman, congresswoman cathy mcmorris-rodgers. former commerce secretary carlos gutierrez, and conservative activist gary bauer piem candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." >>> good morning from california. the state that led the tax cut revolution in the late '70s but this past tuesday voted to raise tax
with candy crowley starts right now. >>> today the ex--cia chief thought that benghazi -- as old rivals clash anew. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> the president of the united states did not tell the american people the truth about the attacks. >> that and a terrifying bust of hostilities between israel and hamas. all the headlines with senate intelligence committee member roy blunt and house intelligence ranking member. then back away from the fiscal cliff. can they? a conversation with the number two senate democrat dick durban and tom price. also, republican carlos gutierrez. >> we must be the party of immigration. >> our follow-up conversation with a man who led mitt romney's outreach to latinos. >>> plus, the politics of scandal. the jackie calmes of the "new york times" and jerry seib and cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr. i'm candy crowley, and this is "state of the union." >>> good morning from washington. with all the intrigue of a bond film, i stealthy general david petraeus arrive and left capitol hill
these implications and more, former assistant of state, p.j. crowley and from normal, msnbc contributor rula jebreal. welcome to the program. i want to ask p.j., in terms of dynamics here, countries moving swiftly in the course of the last year to support palestinian statehood. how much does the conflict in gaza inform that? >> the conflict in gaza informs the desperation president abbas and the palestinian authority feels. he has to do this now to be relevant because he was largely sidelined in the recent gaza conflict. from the time they announced this a year ago all events have compelled him to take this action. >> let's talk a little bit about how this affects israel and america in terms of their -- not negotiating power but their position in all of this, which is to say, we are to some degree isolated here, given the fact that germany, uk, france, they are effectively not on america's side on this. how devastating is that in terms of the broader international picture? >> once this got to the united nations' general assembly the result is inevitable. the real issue is, as senator schumer highlig
correspondent michael crowley. welcome all. thanks so much. well, our daily fix, what are you looking at, chris cizilla, what are the lessons you've learned and looking at in the four years to come? >> well, yeah. i mean let's talk first about lessons learned, andrea. i would say republicans, to blame mitt romney for this loss in some ways misses the point. if you look at the exit polling, be what you see is republicans have large-scale structural issues with their coalition. they -- mitt romney got 27% of the hispanic vote nationally, barack obama got 71% of the hispanic vote nationally. women made up 53% of the electorate. there was an 11-point gender gap for barack obama. republican -- mitt romney won the white vote by 20 points, but it was, again, for the ump tooents election in a row, a declining share of the overall electorate. it's a dangerous game they are playing demographically. i think many leaders in the party knew that before this election. if they didn't before this election, they certainly know now. i would point you to a statement marco rubio, senator from florida, released earl
like nuclear waste. how about now? the man, the chef is firing back. monica crowley and gerri willis i here to talk about that next. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh... whew. [ male announcer ] break frfrom the holiday stre. ship fedex express by december 22nd for christmas delivery. stuart: breaking news j. p. morgan -- jpmorgan close to settling with the sec, $250 million of settlements. this is about the sale of mortgage-backed securities by bear stearns. the number to watch for, $215 million. celebrity chef guy the air is responding to a negative review in the new york times of his restaurant. the times absolutely killed his new times square restaurant. the food was bad, served cold and the drinks tasted like radiator fluid. i have learned not everyone agrees with my style, the times critic pete well did not enjoy his experience. i have seen countless people -- this is what guy says. i have seen countless people come to my restaurant, families and and and tourists and even new yorkers
presidential candidate steve forbes and radio host and best-selling author, monica crowley. to you first, you're both conservatives. monica, who is going to win. >> governor romney will win the presidency by three percentage points and over 300 votes. stuart: are you being objective? >> i hope not my wishful thinking. over last month and a half i have been to most of the swing states. the energy is palpable. not something easily to discount. we have momentum on our side. between the economy and mitt romney's message and the fact that people are proactively voting for mitt romney, rather than just against barack obama me as huge deal. stuart: steve forbes, who wins? >> the last election i predicted obama would win by sizable margin. this time it is going to be romney, 3 to 5 points. that means an electoral college landslide. i even did it state by state. 321 to 217. stuart: wait a minute. two conservatives here, both of whom obviously want mitt romney it win. both you said -- objectively, point to, tell me the reason why you're so confident of such a huge victory, steve? >> well, because one,
you. >> mr. crowley. >> thank you. i would like to thank the leauge of women voters. i believe what sets me apart is the integrity and problem solving i have in my years and i have a record of efficiency and infrastructure and fiscal responsibility. i have a passion for the people in the neighborhoods that i have known all by life. that's i didn't am supporting by the democratic party and diane fine stein and the firefighters and thousands in the strict. this campaign isn't about who is the best politician it is. it's about the best problem solver and with they am asking for your vote on november 6. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you. i am andrew blie and running for supervisor for the most important reason why someone should seek office and that is my love for san francisco. is there room for an idealists? i'm a father, and a political nobody. my wife and i are graduates of san francisco university and my life is about the betterment of the city and i run my own firm and conducted analysis and mapping for private firms, public agencies and for nonprofits. as a voluntee
handled don't ask don't it will and we share. thank you very much. >> my name is francis xavier crowley. as a district 7
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 284 (some duplicates have been removed)